A confession

It was a usual Kashmiri night.We had
finished our meals and a cricketing
contest was going on between two
unknown nations(it was not a Pakistan-
India contest).I was surrounded by my
father and my elder brother.It was 11:30
in the night when my dad got a
call,looked a little strange to everyone of
us.He after ending the call straightaway
phoned a local Police Station.Everyone
was in a wait to know what actually had
I had finished my Kehwa(a traditional
tea)and went quickly to the left of my
father to know the situation.He left the
room and I got the opportunity to phone
my cousin who also works with my dad in
the Forest department.He talked so
mildly as he was caught in an ambush and
the reality was that he was actually in
an ambush.He had met me earlier that
day and was a little worried over the
missing of some logs in Forest Depot
Ajas,where he was working.I realized the
situation and ended the call.
Now,I was waiting for the tomorrow to
come.He came early in the morning to
meet me and it was all about the
description of the situation.It was he who
had noticed the missing logs and it was
he who had left himself in danger with
one of his companions to catch the
culprits.It was the third day of his
ambush and around 12:30 am,he had seen
a military vehicle and a local van stop
there.The policemen too were frightened
by this and had taken time to reach the
destiny.The Indian army-men were about
to take third log into their truck and
Police had come.They looked like
handicapped and were caught in the
act.Some had tried to escape through
the other way down there but were
failed as my cousin had jumped on them.
Police seized the vehicles,the army men
were identified as that of Shadipora(a
village of Bandipora district)camp and
they had carried some civilians with them
who were also identified as that of
Shadipora.One of the Shadipora guys had
kept himself hidden in the army vehicle
which was handed-over to the Ajas army
camp and was beaten there too so that
reality does not come out of his larynx.
It was now for the media to play their
part.Almost every local daily had the
headline,”The Police has ordered probe
into the matter”and actually we are still
waiting for the Police to come with the
results.Even the FIR was not lodged.My
uncle,who was the then Range Officer of
the Forest Division,Bandipora
straightaway threw his anger at the
Police Officials and I still remember his
words on ETV Urdu,”Police ne laataluki ka
izhaar kiya”(Police showed the signs of
carelessness)and the other day my cousin
told me that the Police had advised him
not to carry forward this matter
otherwise the Indian Army  might do
something dangerous.
I still feel for this and sometimes I laugh
when I see the writings of the Indian
“Abheet hain,
Ajeet hain” on a hill overlooking


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