A story of despair

Let me tell you a story of my
Nawab was nine years old the first time
he heard the word love.He did not feel
much excited when he heard the word as
for him it was love for parents,love for
teachers and dear-ones.
He was the last child of his parents.A
debonair guy,a cricket freak,a devout
and almost perfect in any stream one
could put before him.
Nawab was best at studies.Aims were
infinite and efforts were endless and it
was sure that he would strike big in his
life which his siblings had not done.He
was the favourite child of his parents as
he would always impress them with
positions and distinctions.
A boy of lusturous face,his thinkings
were above all.For his teachers,he was a
guy of dual character as he was an
intelligent as well as a naughty boy.
The boy who had dreams like dust in his
eyes had a strange fate.The world’s
sweetest tragedy struck him.It was a cool
April morning.He had gone to his paddy-
fields to fill the bellies of their work-
men.On his way,he saw a girl whom he
wanted to see again and again.He looked
at that girl like he had never seen
someone like her and like she was the
most beautiful girl he had ever
seen.Maybe that was love at first sight
and it really was.
It was now for him to pay diurnal visits
to the alleys he never wanted to leave.He
was fifteen then.When it came to
proposing the girl,he never dared to.The
boy who wanted to hold the hands of his
beloved was a shy kid.Lost in the
thoughts,he was sometimes jargoned as
well looking at the barriers he had to
The boy who did not have friends joined
gangs in order to fight with anyone who
would tease or stare at his girl.His love
was so true and he was too involved now.
Years went on and he continued to rely
on a one-sided love affair.The boy
started doing unexpected.Smoke became
his food.He puffed more and more as his
lungs were very good recepients.
Nawab was enjoying sleepless nights.The
boy of fealty character lost his cool,lost
his calm,lost his shine and almost
But his gang(friends) never left him
alone.He confessed before the girl
everything he had in his heart.She was
not impressed though she knew he was
sincere.But she was in someways a girl of
strange character.She threw words like
sorry at him and the man who was
afraid of losing her got baffled.
It was like a compunction striking him
and he began to live a life of
hopelessness.But he was lucky in a way
that he got a comeback offer in his life
to which he responded very gaily and
handsomely.He had promised his parents
of getting a place in some great
institute.He got lower than that but was
more than satisfactory for him.Nawab
loved her in a way that he lost himself to
her and her he never won.An affection
which was a pure one,a holy one turned
out to be a futile one.
Deep inside his heart,Nawab still craves
for his beloved and sometimes the
feelings of hopelessness hit him at their
(This character ‘Nawab’ has hit me very
deeply and there is lot more to tell about
Nawab.I know this guy very deeply and
In Shaa Allah I will be writing more and
more on him).


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