A Story of Hope-No Despair

Long ago,a terribly attractive,chubby
chubby boy was born to a brightly living
couple.The child had a good,decent
growing like the others of fellow
feeling.As evolution in his life
supervened,dreams began to be
risen.Declaims from the people around
him began to elevate. And the
fainthearted never paid any attention
to the people of experience,people who
were themselves failed in their successful
lives.He would pass his exams with good
numbers and distinctions.In
short,parents had a good impression of
his .The boy would sometimes mutter to
“I have left many works undone in my
life-I don’t have any girl to love and
cracking a competition is still a dream
for me”
One night,he was in a deep pain,deep
ache.That night,the results of the first
competetive exam in his life were
declared.The tragedy was that he had
no hand over the all important
exams.Hard daddy threw hard words
and did not talk to the innocent soul for
months.But the mother,Who never left
him,served him the best in the bad time
he was going through.One autumn,his
mother came to him with her
veteran,affectionate words:
“Tell me my son,What do yo want to be?”
“In which field do you want to
excel?”,her simpleness.
The innocent son replied helplessly:
“Ah!My dear mom.I was born to cherish
the dreams of my father and not my
own.I was born to excel in the cricketing
life.But my Kashmir and my father
behave the same way.They won’t let me
succed in the area I have picked””And
don’t worry my mother.Let this life of
mine be wasted and let me try again for
the so called prestigious croaker’s
exam”,his innocence.And this time the ill-
luck did not come his way.He got
featured among the list of successful
competitioners in his locality.But the
problem was that he got selected in
the field of engineering and forestry as
well.At least,he was interested in these
How more ironic can it get!
He was again denied his preference.His
blessed papa:
“You should be a doctor,That is all”The
boy joined the professional college,found
difficulties,resolved some and managed
his life.He was like a magnet to the
tragedies as he fell for another tragedy:
The worst of tragedies never let him rest
and this too remained a hurdle in his
life.Friends became obstacles as the
complaints of the girl suggested.
By the bye,the boy loves pain,loves
tragedies and above all smiles and hopes
for good things to happen and that is
why he is one DIMPLY AWESOME MAN.
OXYTOCIN πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Story dedicated to my cousin:Ruhail Amin


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