An open letter to J&K CM Mr.Omar Abdullah

Dear Sir,
I have a vague memory.It was in the noughties of this century-probably the year 2008.One of my aunts-an astronomically political lady was so pleased:A young man in the shape of Omar Abdullah had taken the Chief Minister’s seat in our state of Jammu and Kashmir.
For me,it was a cracker-jack time.Politics was in no way related tome as cricket was my life.But your good name-I had to remember to impress my teachers with my General Knowledge.Everyday was a lovely day as I would spot your picture on almost every local daily.You were the leader of a new baseline.As time supervened,morales began to be shattered de novo.Masses
wanted justice which was head and
shoulders away.Pro-freedom leaders got a veracious time to surge in.I expected a quick time justice from your side but
every hope was smashed.The whole of my peace was disturbed and I began taking abysmal interest in politics and the history of Kashmir.My academic performance got down in the year 2010.
Your pretty name was no more in my memory.Pro-freedom leaders took over the charge of polls.Everything seemed to be changed:very utterly.Lives of common people became valueless.People used to sit
on the storefronts discussing the
old,painful stories of oppression.Let mealso confess that they always blamed your grandfather for whole of the mess.Again,a wonderful factor called time followed.Common people after losing their loved ones and lone bread-earners realized the fact that strikes did nothing except vandalizing their already
stricken lives.How many brilliant,promising boys we lost!
I was resistible of everything but injustice.I also perceived the brutality of the incredible Indian state done to me in the form of Mohammad Afzal Guru.Your helplessness was quite apparent.
Had morales not been shattered,I would not have dared to write this much to you.Had you run the government handsomely,maybe I would have been singing praises of you.
And I am forgetful of everything but my dream.My parents had always seen an engineer in me.I had promised them of becoming a good,decent citizen to whom politics was a so called ‘dirty game’.But,my noble thoughts have been crushed as I am too involved now.My nice,cool ideology got refashioned gazing
at the tactics and government you have been running.I became a colossaly political man and ‘CHANGE’ became my
motive.Finally,I request your goodself to look into the matters of common people very closely and very fearlessly.You ought to do justice and keep up the morales of the common people like me.
Oh no ! Your tenure seems to be over.
Bon voyage anyway!
Yours obediently,
Aam Aadmi.


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