From top to bottom,My Life through your eyes

I had a great interaction with my cousin
from the very beginning of my life.We as
children always loved to spend our time
together.One evening,We were playing
cricket outside our home and we got the
news that changed our lives forever and
affected me the most;an eighteen year
old Pakistani boy had taken six big
English wickets at the Lord’s in just two
or three overs.Pakistan still lost the
game due to some big reasons.
For some reasons,I was not able to watch
that particular game at my home.Then,I
managed to visit my uncle’s home and
was able to watch the remaining part of
the game but it turned out to be a
boring story from thereon.
Leaving that apart,I had got my hero.I
became the fan and Mohammad Aamir
my hero.
Tall and smart,Aamir was a sensation
from day one.Boys wanted to be like him
and girls wanted to be with him.When he
was bowling,no one switched the
channels.With him at the bowling
end,anything was possible.
I used to extract his videos from internet
and try exactly the way he bowled.But
the problem was that I was a right arm
bowler.Still I managed to copy his action
and was able to throw the ball quite
And the impact was that my study time
got changed.It got reduced and my
academic books got replaced by cricket
diaries.There was hardly any notebook
which did not contain the names of
cricketers,cricket records,rankings and
many more.Mohammad Aamir always had
a higher position in the list.
Coming back from the school,I used to
give most of my time to cricket.I would
hardly miss any delivery of Aamir’s spell.
Coming from a remote village,he had
changed a lot in his life and was more
often compared to the legend Wasim
Akram.He was able to produce quality
shots with the willow as well and used to
entertain the crowd with his towering
But all he did was deeply
disappointing.Alongwith the stylish
Salman Butt and another bowling great
Mohammad Aasif,he got involved in spot-
I still remember that day and was
restless for me.Looked to me like I had
committed the mistake and was feeling
the pain.They brought shame to the game
and the people they represented.
But life is something where we witness
lots and lots of events.One has to say
goodbye to some and infact welcome to
the other.Deep inside my heart,I still
crave for him and sometimes I feel that
cricket without Aamer never remained
the same.
(The earlier title was’The star and his
long-awaiting fan’ and the current one
was suggested by a Pakistani brother on


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