Addressing the BOPEE mess

Yes,living under blue devils was an evolved wont,an inherited trait.But living under a corrupt system?How sour can it get!
You can see throngs of students meandering amid the streets and alleys of Parraypora,Srinagar which has become the locus for private higher education.Students from far-off areas,living in rented rooms around the city follow every suffering in order to respect the bucks of their parents earned by the sweat of their brows.
Now a thing called corruption indulges into their living and everything gets ailed.Society,in particular faces deviance and a social order is lost.Consequences are smelled in every nook and corner of the society.
Some lads waste years of their life attempting hard only to get an MBBS degree through the CET.They fail short by a point or two and shot again the following year.This way they lose two,three,four years only to catch their white vision for which they have burned their midnight oil.The whole of the mess is carried out due to the vestibule of Munna Bhais into the professional colleges of the valley.
Corrupt politicians,on the other hand act as a shield for the so called bureaucrats and the parents of the Munna Bhais taste no shilly-shally in paying for the bright future of their nalayaks.This way they hand over their grimy genes and felonious symbols to their seeds.
Now what is done to the Pirs is well-known to everyone.They are in news for few days and then everything is forgotten.The bound activists and the bound forces of the valley seem to be at fair shake when an ReT teacher has not presented his class properly or is on leave.Infact,RULES ARE FOR FOOLS.
Well,We are living in a rotted system where social institutions have been well occupied by tyrants of our time.This mindlessness of the king in charge does nothing but takes our society a hundred years back.
P.S:The system needs to be reformed.Revolutionaries are most welcome.


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