An open letter to Mr.Junaid Azim Mattu

Dear Sir,
It was during the summers this year when a youth from Soura area was murdered in a slash-and-burn estate by the CRPF troopers in the valley.The following day I went through the Greater Kashmir where I spotted a staggering piece by you.It was a hair-raising note concerning the killing of the innocent soul.The piece revealed several things in itself.It looked like you had written the piece with the core of your heart speaking to you.You seemed to be the remedy of the crumbled Kashmiri society.
I knew you prior to this when you used to fence the sentiments of the Kashmiri populace on The Great Comedy Circus of India (Times Now).Your affiliation with People’s Conference was very copacetic as the party did not possess much crumbling history unlike the giant political parties of Kashmir.Your contents of HOPE and CHANGE  were well understood and very well respected.
At a certain point,you left the People’s Conference and it looked like CHANGE  was going to doll up.You became a political analyst and won the conscience of numerous sentient buds.I was one of them.Yes,I was a comrade of yours!
Now,Yeats comes to my rescue-
All changed:changed utterly.
You joined a political lot which has always played with the emotions of a common Kashmiri and has shown heartlessness and helplessness at every juncture.
It is true that right things come the right way but your political fight within the Indian jurisdiction was very supportable.It had multifold routes distinct of the traitor’s path.
Your promise of CHANGE  also came to a closure:
Mr.Omar Abdullah’s vision abruptly became unparallel,historic.
And your tearing into the Abdullahs and the National Conference?What happened to that?
However,interference into one’s personal opinions is against the etiquittes.But remember,revolutionaries will never stop approaching.Getting sent to jail is not something out of the ordinary,rather it is a part of their lives.
Have a good journey!
Thank you.


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