Jamal’s doubts were cleared just as they were about to reach the army station.The armoured car was half-busted after facing several public attacks in the past.It was not fair to travel in a broken vehicle for carrying out an encounter.Major Prashant had pointed out to his driver,Avatar Singh,before they set out this morning.But Avatar Singh had paid no attention after knocking back few pegs of rum.They thought it would take them another hour to set their car aright and stopped on a bridge.
‘What should we do now?’Avatar Singh asked.
‘You have done a good job by stopping on this bridge.I think this is the perfect site.We will throw him in the river.It is a deep one,’Major Prashant replied.
‘Is my pistol loaded?’
‘Here it is.Loaded sir!’
Jamal did not talk.He usually wore a black tie studded with red dots.It got all wet as his eyes were full of tears.Those warm and loving eyes of Jamal wanted to bid farewell to someone-someone special.
‘Do you have anything to say,any desire?’Prashant asked Jamal.
‘I do not need your charity or mercy.It is the God who can give and take away life.Please do one thing:Give this paper bit to my wife’
In the paper bit was written-
“Take care of yourself,sweetheart”
Prashant did not waste any time.He took his gun out and shot twice at Jamal.Avatar Singh made haste and threw Jamal’s body into the river.
Jamal was a well-known and red-hot lawyer.He was taken away by Major Prashant in his armoured car to kill him in the army station and meet his selfish ends.
Jamal was an amiable personality who was nabbed in a Hindu dominated area.He used to plead the cases of poor and minorities.He also wished for the self-determination of his area so that people could enjoy their rights and justice would prevail.He wanted equality for everyone and was working on a case in which Major Prashant had killed in fake-encounter a non-local Hindu and a local eighteen-year old boy,Nawab.Jamal was pleading the case in favour of Nawab and the non-local and was about to emerge victorious in the case.Major Prashant had no option other than killing the offensive lawyer.He was victorious in hiding the truth and killing Jamal.
Major Prashant could not give the final words of Jamal to his wife and kept the paper bit in his left pocket,close to his heart.Whenever he wanted to throwaway the paper bit from his pocket,his body started giggling and a sudden fear started raging inside him.He began to realise this thing.
The paper bit was to be protected now.The launderers were asked to take care of Prashant’s clothes.But the paper bit started decaying and Major Prashant got introduced to the world of ghosts.
It all started getting severe.A jinn entered his body.This demanded no delineation to the other members of the army camp.They all witnessed it daily with their own eyes:Major crumpling abruptly,his eyes rolling back,his body attaining the shape of a snake,his nails lengthening and his teeth getting gold-like,the white foam at the corners of his mouth,blue at times,the blood coming out of his eyes.Then the falling of his body on ground.
Prashant did not want to do his job anymore.He wanted to meet his family.He wanted to see his wife and little children.He wanted to get away with the ghost.He booked tickets for a direct flight to California and started living independent.But the jinn did not leave him independent.
Their house had a nice large yard and an established garden with a swimming pool.But that all looked shattered to them.Sometimes,a giant lady would appear before him and slap him for hours on both sides of his face.At times,he would sleep on bed in the night and find himself lying in the bathroom next morning.Sometimes,a black lady with large nails and a brunet hair would throw him down from the flat.
His children would swell and attain the shape of Jamal before him.He did not resist it and killed all of them one-by-one.
One night his wife came to him in the shape of Jamal screaming aloud:
‘Please take care of yourself sweetheart
Please take care of yourself’
He wept and wept and was very remorseful of his act.He was left with only two bullets in the end.He shot one at his wife and the other at himself.
Divine justice!
“…take not life,which God hath made sacred,except by way of justice and law:thus doth He command you,that ye may learn wisdom.”~Al-Quran(6:151)
(Story dedicated to Advocate Jalil Andrabi)


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