A Thousand Revolutionary Women

Lateef was married to Naseema.After a long and heroic scrimmage,both were triumphant in convincing their respective huts.Clicked by the succession of a true love,the whole village jumped for joy.The emotions were not obsessed with carload,plots and stashing of sorts and chops but with a humane feeling of true love.Only days after their amalgamation,the village received year’s first rainfall which swept away an expected drought.They formed the bright couple of a happily living family.
Lateef was a tailor by profession and earned a fistful of coins in grappling the issues surrounding his family.His younger brother,Bilal backed him by carrying out the agricultural stuff.
After a year of their marriage,they had their first son,Roshan.With peace and coherence staging their hut,they adapted new and more dignified ways of life to live.Naseema supported the present of her husband and they also encouraged eachother for their future.
They planned to build a new house to live in.In this liaison,Lateef went to bring some wooden planks from a nearby village.
But Lateef never returned.He got killed in cross-firing.He became an inconspicuos sufferer in an outburst involving unknown bureaus.
He had no links with any agency.He was a common man,”Naseema cried.There was no one to hear her cries;no one to heal her wounds.The new house became a vision unexecuted.Roshan was in kindergarten only and it was after some days of Lateef’s death that Naseema had another baby.It was a girl child,Nargis.
As time passed,injuries began to be healed.But Naseema’s heart had already received a big jolt.
The local Imam and other family members convinced Bilal to marry Naseema so as to resolve the topics within the family.
Bilal was set to offer himself for the good of his family and left his new wife to relax.They did not share bed for months as Naseema also did not want to face his new husband in a dolesome state.
With the passage of time,both Naseema and Bilal began to understand eachother and started a new life.Naseema was pregnant again.But this time,it was Bilal’s son,Salman.
In the same old connection of new house which had been left incomplete,Bilal went up for the arrangement of wooden planks.He did not go to the nearby village but opted to contact smugglers so that job can be done in no time.And this time,Bilal did not return.His body was handed over by the local army to police and the killers were stamped unidentified.
Roshan had already attained maturity and could make difference between right and wrong.He was fit in remembering about things and wanted to crack civil services examination in the future.But he could not see his mother working or begging.He dropped out of his school and started working as a laborer.He sacrificed his life for the future of his younger siblings.
Now,Nargis wants to crack the civil services examination.She has followed the footsteps of Roshan and wants to occupy his unfulfilled dream.Salman is still playing with the pebbles.He sometimes enquires about his father but the lady does not want to crash the fainthearted Salman.
Paa’pe chui gomut Ha’jas(Papa has gone to Arabia for pilgrimage),”she tells her son after blanking a thousands of emotions raging from the inside.The new house is still unfinished.But Naseema’s every hope seems to be concrete.
We are alone in the world.Only Allah is there for us,”she says.
She is not disappointed at all.She believes sacrifices of people bring revolution.She is alone but she is not the only one.
Nargis wants to see her mother on a settee one day in their new house.She asks misfortunes to stay away.
The country[of Kashmir]may be conquered by the force of spiritual merit,but not by the force of soldiers”

(published here- http://www.risingkashmir.com/resilient-kashmiri-women/ )


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