Dear Maqbool,

I am writing this to you from ‘The Country Without a Post Office’.You no longer exist here.
Everyone here praises the resistance you offered-
Against the decimation of the identities of sonnies with the mainstream and the occupational forces
Against the spurious holders and bawds of occupying class
Against the thrall mentors who were hired to mold people into slaves
Against the balmy political dozing
Against the eroneous leaders of our homeland.
You must have met Afzal.Afzal:The superior.Afzal:An ordinary man,was hanged on the gallows trying to follow what you were chasing.Your lines of fate must have crossed paths with eachother-Two voids;Two epitaphs delineating two freedom fighters.
February:The month of martyrs-arrives with the clouds of pain and frustation in the vale-so black.But hope.Here one cannot go out without a denotation sticked to his facade.
Your memories,your photographs lie painted here:in our hearts,in our minds.The fruits of the seeds of intellect and revolution which you sowed are often reflected by your pictures.
When they set you free,we will roam-From North to Srinagar.And we will croon-the songs of freedom.
(For Shaheed Mohammad Maqbool Bhat)


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