Reading and Reading Good Books

Certain things tend to lose their flavour with the passage of time;but books have an everlasting freshness about them.From the child development to the intellectual development of humans,books bear an ample caliber and an abundant eminence.
Books make us travel across different worlds and experiences.They avert people from eliminating its memory by revealing their past and the narrations of ancient civilizations.They shape the life of people.
Books are like best friends which stand by us when we are in misery and despair.Books are always in a wait to be called upon with focus and enthusiasm.
The people who develop interest in books early in their life can easily be observed by their etiquette,flowing conversation,interest and pleasure,etc. The biggest merit of books is that they allow people speak languages fluently and thus create a spontaneous communication which alone can take them miles ahead in their professional life.
Some people are obsessed with reading and in this era the quantity of material we have is huge.Books of all kinds are available to us.Different people have different tastes and yet we should deliver different type of treatment based on the merit of a particular book.
Books helping an individual grow into an enlightened and open-minded being should be chosen.Otherwise,there are people like Ravinder Singh and Durjoy Dutta too,whose dim works become national bestsellers in just the first month of their release.This is not to disrespect their works but to reveal that they only expose us to the possessive and materialistic definitions of life,love and longing by keeping us away from the actual.
Instead of reading the so called bestsellers,we should choose ‘best-tellers’ for our reading material.Reading dim books will not help a reader focus for long periods while reading.
Choosing the so called bestselling authors over the ‘best-tellers’ will only give a footing to the fact that people are not ready to get exposed to the bitter truth of our society and are obsessed with possessions only.It also implies that thought provoking works have lost their value in our lives.
So,good books help us understand the many societal facts and above all,they help us to understand ourselves and cultivate our thoughts and creativity.

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