Will You Visit my Abode Tonight?

Will you visit my abode tonight?

Where there would be no one but you
Where it would be all over you and I would look for some relief in your deep beautiful eyes
Where I would gaze at your beautiful temple and you will be ‘helping your hair behind your ear’
Where there would be nothing but
purity and angels on our shoulders
would be listening to our pristine

Ah!Father breaks the news:Aarif is half-dead
Will they ever condole?
Will they ever ask about his health
Don’t live upon hopes Aarif
Wood-cutters never care about the tree effected;They only care about the material in the wood

They know you are only decaying in way of their memory
And there is no reflex on the heart of the tyrant
They won’t ever come Aarif
Such is their heartlessness
They won’t ever come Aarif
Such is their soullessness

But do our wails equate good-byes?
No!We only cry over the mistakes we did
Aarif bunked into the shops of wine
Unknowing that love unattained was fine.


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