In My Dream…

She danced around the large aroma of my soul.She sank into my eyes and when the eyes spread their sight,they descried her face into the sky.Above the trees,they saw her around the four corners of my abode.Her smile was cute and her eyes beautiful.I felt her smile and brushed my nose against her kohled eyes.She danced on her way and loved to spread chocolates over her mouth.She whispered something beautiful while eating biryani.She helped her hair behind her ear.She dazzled me with her shadows and I could hold her hand and make promises of union and harmony.Our discourse was so pristine that angels on our shoulders would listen to our inner words with enchantment.Ah!She was lofty.
My dream took an ugly turn and we parted.I got devastated and solitude engulfed me into its patch.Clocks kept ticking in their deed and the world around me moved along.The people around me laughed but I was left alone amongst a thousand ramblers.I became an exile counting stars over my head.The rains over me wailed and I succumbed to my miserable plight.The trees in ‘The Garden Of Solitude’ became a witness to my distress and wandering and I left for spots-distant,unnamed and unspecified.I passed by the lovers and happiness reflected from their faces.Their smiles were bright but my smile howled.I would talk to trees of separation and loneliness.I would describe them my indescribable love and wait for her in their land.
I woke up from my dream when I could not use my lungs and it felt like someone was walking on my heart.I was left suspended between the thoughts of delight and despair.The dark had not furled its black garment yet and I felt urge to capture what I had just dreamt of.I ran down to look for a pen and a sheet of paper but it took me to some far corner of my room wherein I felt terribly alone with a little diary in my hand.Tears flowing down the cheeks,I tried to scribble notes and write to her of my state of misery in the verses of John Keats to Fanny.I could not assemble ideas and ended up tearing apart the diary and throwing away my pen.

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