The Role of Teachers in Contemporary Kashmir

A few days ago,I met a couple of boys who were pursuing their masters in English from some universty.I started a chat with them and was astonished to hear that they did not know anything about Agha Shahid Ali and Basharat Peer.In another case,I came to know that a number of Politics studying students did not know about Maqbool Bhat(R.A)-one of the greatest leaders Kashmir has ever produced.This prompted me to think upon the effect it can have on the future of Kashmir and the stilly turbulent political period Kashmir is running through.My thinking level paused when I became conscious of the role teachers can play to get us out of the state of helplessness we are in.
A teacher is a highly respected individual and enjoys the highest social status in any society.A teacher acts as an agent in the intellectual and behavioral development of humans.Mentalities of individuals and communities are exposed by the quality of education they receive.
Kashmir has a rich history of producing great educationists and proficient teachers who have set examples by not letting teaching become a mere job of spending some hours around educational institutions.However,with the inception of violence and unrest,and more importantly the changing teacher-student relationships,our education system received a number of strains and as anticipated,respect on both sides of the teacher-student relationships got altered.
Teachers in the contemporary Kashmir have got a great role to play.Teachers are blessed with influence and intellectual acumen which should not be wasted.A teacher should be concerned about the social problems and should not turn his pupils into mere conformists but to nourish their political aspirations,they should be provided freedom to think upon different matters.The students should be exposed to extensive reading which will stimulate their political and social imaginations.Reflecting and acting upon social and political issues should not be a matter of burden rather the directions of positive change should be common to all. Sociologists alone should not be left to make efforts for the development of societies but teachers have to play their part as well.
Kashmir is also witnessing a sensitive stage where students should keep away from running after fascists and turn to their own men,own history and own literature.There should be no hesitation in making the school lawns and classrooms hubs of political thought and activity.Kashmir also does not need professionals with pithless careers rather it needs its people to be acquaint and active about the existing social problems.
Without favoritism,bigotry and non-seriousness amongst students,teachers should take equal care of Kashmir and have equal respect,regular monitoring and proper communication with their pupils.


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