Now That We Are Flooded With The Blood Of Innocents

As Kashmir is still living with the fears and destruction caused by the recent floods, Indian Army gives yet another prick to the balloon of Kashmiri blood it has been covering since long. By killing innocent teenagers in Budgam district, they have given us a message that they can go to any extent in the name of security and arrogance of power.
Thanks to the dacronian AFSPA, the killings raise several condemning askings:
Am I safe while leaving for my college in the morning?
Is my father safe while leaving for his office?
Is my sister safe while leaving for her school?
All my movements are under siege of AFSPA and the 600,000 soldiers of the Indian state. Passed in 1958 by the Parliament of India, AFSPA has ever since raised critical questions about human rights violations in the disputed Himalayan territory.
A cap of fear and uncertainty covers my struggling head in this heartless approach of the Indian state. You murder an innocent Kashmiri in his own land, put the nation under siege in the name of ‘unrest’ , start a probe like it has happened so many times in the past and with passing days continue the art of arrogant statecraft.
It is the fact of the world civilisations that wounds of the oppresors heal with time. But does pain wither away? Do marks go away? No! The Indian state will always be remembered for its heartless approach towards the innocent Kashmiri populace.
In the name of security and arrogance of power, they can go to any extent. But nothing binds them to Kashmir except the territorial bond tied by military forces and chutzpah.
The role played by Indian media in covering such incidents is also disturbing. Either they ignore it or do it in a biased manner. Even some reverse the facts like it was done by PTI. It is so disturbing that noting a quote of Malcolm X becomes an essential,” If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
This should also serve as a message to the resistance camp: For how long will we continue losing our count? For how long will we live in conditions of disgrace and despair? For how long?
This coldblooded murder has again given the Kashmiri people a faith that how just and right the demands of ‘Tehreek’ are.
Prose piece:
The morbid day is not ceaseless
The morbid night is about to pass
Tell the enemies of revolution, the new sun will shine
Tell the escalators of injustice, the new sun will shine.


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