An Open Letter to J&K CM, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

I am writing this to you with a frustration of emotions, hopes and disappointments that have been haunting my mind since long.
I am not going to discuss political scenario, military siege, dialogues and political philosophies. I am not also going to debate about the plans of Pandit return and rehabilitation of the flood victims.
The story I am going to tell you is my own; the pain is my very own.
I am a student pursuing bachelors in law from School of Legal Studies, Central University of Kashmir. The amazing thing to feel about me is the movements I make across Srinagar from semester to semester. I have grown to be a migratory bird which has no permanent home. This time, we are ‘hanging around’ a place called Nowgam whose size is coequal to any one department you can find inside the university of Kashmir or elsewhere.
My conditions stand very well in opposition to those experienced normally by a student. When I begin to think about the student life I had dreamt of, I somehow restrict myself and my plans about the future.
Let me not bore you. A few days earlier, when I went outside the university premises to have a cup of tea(we don’t have a canteen even), an elderly man stopped me from behind and began to ask about the courses being offered there. I gave him a brief about the same and he said in response,“Wah yaar! Chota packet, bada dhamaka”. Surprised by his response, I felt a curious taste of cheer and guilt- cheer that I had got a joke to share with my friends and guilt that I had landed myself and my career in a sensitive place.
Let me also give you a scenic view of the hostel we are living in. It is a place without electricity since the time we joined in. A huge power generator lights the hostel for a few hours followed by an early goodnight. When the same is defunct, we along with our warden sir keep waving our hands to vehicles that pass by the road and request for their help to get our generator started. The leasor of the hostel is not guilty too. He’s set up a transformer some long time ago. In short, the response we receive to our queries is,”We have not got permission from ‘bijli’ department yet.”
This time however, I do not feel any cheer or guilt but an anger that asks me to revolt against the ‘system’ I am living under. Alone and alone, I cannot do it.
Now many things said, let me not suggest you plans and designs for the development of the institution as you better guide and architect the plans. Please introspect.
Thank you.
‘May God bless us all!’


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